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Sachiko M


Label: Improvised Music From Japan

Format: CD

Genre: Music from Japan

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Sachiko M with two sinewaves on one empty sampler. Sachiko M is a musician who uses the sampler as an instrument. Rather than apply the device's original function of sampling recorded material, she makes music using nothing but its internal test tone sine waves. Her approach to this radically minimalistic sound and meticulously thorough music has created a sensation worldwide. Currently one of the most sought-after improvisers on the scene, Sachiko M collaborates with influential artists both inside and outside Japan. Her projects include Filament, a duo with Otomo Yoshide, and Cosmos, a duo with Ami Yoshida. This is Sachiko M's third solo album, following Sine Wave Solo (Amoebic) and Derive (Noise Asia). While the two earlier recordings are made up entirely of short tracks, Bar Sachiko is a single 60-minute performance using just two sine waves. A shocking creation.
Cat. number: IMJ 517
Year: 2004

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