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Compassion and Vision - excerpt 1

Limbs Bin

Compassion and Vision

Label: Fourth Dimension Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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Recorded by a quartet of grubby fools in a miserable warehouse in Cleveland, Compassion and Vision sees Limbs Bin founder Josh Landes joined by a cast of repellent perverts -- Wyatt Howland, Erik Brown, and David Russell -- to deliver maybe the worst masterpiece to date. With Howland providing a nauseating rumble and Brown and Russell trading off turns on the kit, the two pieces that constitute this album place the listener in uncomfortable proximity to the conditions of the session. In Howland's completely unforgiving mix, you can smell the seat almost as much as the piss. Over its duration, Limbs Bin explores a range of feelings from anger, exhaustion and resignation to agony, frustration, and misery. War jazz for the emotionally underdeveloped. Terror grind for cowards. Lean back, take a deep breath and experience Compassion and Vision.   

Cat. number: FDCD113
Year: 2019

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