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Cornelius Cardew



Format: CD digipack

Genre: Compositional Form

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This compilation is a sort of 1970's alternative social history in song. An eclectic mixture of previously unreleased songs, with widely differing styles, performed by a diverse grouping of musicians. This all combines into a unique experience. Musicians: Cornelius Cardew; Pete Devenport, Vicky Silva, Laurie Baker, Hugh Shrapenl, Chris Thompson, Keith Rowe, John Marcangelo, Evan Parker, Pip Pyle, Dave Smith, Hamilton DeGale, John Tilbury, Alec Hill, Huw Warren, Nick Connors, Geoff Pearce, Robert Coleridge, Walter Cardew, Horace Cardew, John Hewitt, Maria Lamburn, Sheila Kasabova, Emily Underwood, Hakim Adi, Penny Wright.
Cat. number: mncd009
Year: 2009

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CDx2 digipack | €18.99