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Cornelius Cardew, John Tilbury

Piano Music 1959-70

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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‘Piano Music 1959-70’ is a reissue of an album that enjoys cult status among Cardew aficionados. The standout piece remains Volo solo (1965), conceived originally for Tilbury as an attempt to coin a new type of virtuosity. Cornelius Cardew expected it to be taken at a reckless tempo so that, as he wrote, ‘the piano should seem to be breaking apart’. But the material he gives the pianist – 60 inchoate fragments interlinked by pauses – trips impetus up, the structure left with a hiccuping splendour. The three February Pieces (195961) find Cardew filtering (exorcising?) Stockhausen and Boulez; Unintended Piano Music (1970) reengages with tonality as chords are stripped of their tonal function and mysteriously placed in time." - Gramaphone
Cat. number: MRCD 29
Year: 1996

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