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Conversations about not eating meat

Label: Border of Silence

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Sebastian Smolyn, e-trombone. Artur Smolyn, electronics. Oliver Steidle, drums. Peter Brötzmann, reeds.
Sebastian Smolyn (trombone) and Artur Smolyn (electronics) are Defibrillator. They have committed themselves to improvised music and do enthralling performances full of energy and love of adventure. They have been educated in classical music in conservatories in Germany, France and Switzerland. They have played in numerous well-known orchestras and ensembles. Their experience is the matrix for a kind of music that follows its own rules, that makes use freely of what it needs. The music is pushed by two musicians who engage in everything that serves the organic thriving of their sound. They unfold their own acoustic vocabulary in a very convincing way. After the show you want to try to find out what their possible influences are and you will find New Music, Free Jazz, Noise and Hardcore in its many different shapes. There are familiar rhythmic patterns, harmonies and tonal references, which are broken and altered. The beat comes and goes, is dominant at times or gets pushed away by soundscapes and spherical sounds. When the Smolyn brothers meet it is a meeting of electronics and e-trombone on an equal level. Since they can trust each other blindly, they can also challenge each other and push their boundaries. The Smolyn Brothers played several concerts together with Peter Brötzmann, Oliver Steidle, Daniel Buess, Julian Sartorius, Olaf Rupp, Maxime Hänsenberger and others. (Text: Matthias Kogon)

Cat. number: BOS01
Year: 2016

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