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File under: free improvisation

Paal Nilssen-Love, Steve Swell

Live In Tel Aviv

Label: Not Two Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"If ever a group deserved the title of “free jazz power trio”, it would be this one. Legendary reedist Brötzmann, American trombonist Steve Swell and the mighty Nilssen-Love have been playing together since early 2015, and have two masterful live sets under their belt, Krakow Nights and Live in Copenhagen.

Live in Tel Aviv, which documents an October ‘16 performance by the trio, is the perfect entry-point for those who might be intimidated by the relatively long lengths of those prior albums - at only three-quarters of an hour, it is a thrilling condensation of the group’s strengths".

By Derek Stone from The Free Jazz Collective
Cat. number: MW956-2
Year: 2018

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