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Cute - excerpt 1
Cute - excerpt 2

Toy Division

Cute (Lp + 7")

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: LP + 7"

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Melbourne based Toy Division (Dick Sallows with help from friends Phillip McKellar (Informatics) and Martin Fripp (sound engineer)) with their fantastic electronic album "Cute” from 1983.  The Lp includes a Bonus 7 inch sampler with 4 more tracks previously released on other Temporary Art Tapes between 1981 and 1983.” "Toy Division's music style ranges from ‘Nulabor’ an Aussie ‘Autoban’, to an ambient 'Autumn Trees', to post punk political commentary on 'Beurit' and 'John Wayne once told me’ which are still relevant today, re: Syria and Trump.

The years 1977 to 1983 saw an explosion of musical creativity in inner city Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia in the early 1980’s was a melting pot of art, music, pop culture, electronic sounds and experimentation. New cheap electronic keyboards (“toys” like Casio VL-tone) made it easier to experiment with sounds and make music. Recording music on tape and releasing via cassette through Independent record stores was quick and easy.

Following the do-it-yourself revolution of punk, young Australians were inspired to make challenging music without boundaries, to form bands, start independent labels, and to run live music venues, all outside the commercially driven confines of the mainstream industry. This groundbreaking activity laid the foundation for contemporary music in Australia. The vital output from Australian post punk has gained an international reputation.

Friends shared musical instruments and played with equipment in their share houses. Some performed on stage in pubs. Others preferred recording and releasing their music like Toy Division. Toy Division came out of such a sharing of equipment and a passion to experiment with sound. Martin had a 4-track reel to reel, Dick brought a synth (Roland SH101) and drum machine (Roland TR808) and the fun began.

Cat. number: VOD 164 LP
Year: 2020

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