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Riccardo Dillon Wanke


Label: Three:four Records

Format: LP

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After Riccardo Dillon Wanke's 2008 highly-lauded solo debut, Wanke continued his interests in digital & analog manipulation of sound & its application into musical compositions. His work with guitars & keyboards (piano & rhodes) has started from pure radical improvisation & has drawn to the investigation of drones sounds, static music. "I explored for years the use of repetitive structures within different perspectives. in many cases, these figures involved long developments. 'cuts' is the effort to merge this attitude with concise forms and tight evolutions. vertical exploration of sound needs time; i tested this exploration in shorter times. good part of the inspiration for this record came from works by mario benedetti, roberto bolano, julio cortazar and juan carlos onetti." (r.d.wanke) 

Cat. number: TFR028
Year: 2015

Mixed in Lisbon and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi on 2014. 'La puerta condenada' takes inspiration from Julio Cortazar's short story.