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Yehezkel Matari - Halachti Layam
File under: Jazz-Funkgrooves

Various Artists

Da'asa - The Haunting Sounds of Yemenite-Israeli Funk 1973-1984

Label: Fortuna Records

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Fortuna Records deliver a stellar compilation of real-life magic created by immigrants from Yemen, in Tel Aviv, from the mid 70's to the early 80's. Ranging from extremely rare to previously unreleased, these tracks are a result of a unique scene which blended funk, soul, jazz & disco with traditional Yemenite rhythms & sounds. The Haunting Sounds of Yemenite-Israeli Funk 1973-84 collects rare and unreleased material from the mid seventies to the early eighties, recorded by immigrants from Yemen, in Tel Aviv. The most recognizable track might be Tsvia Abarbanel's version of "Im Nin'alu." The 17th century Hebrew poem, made famous by Ofra Haza in the late eighties gets a completely different take with plenty of psych rock influence. But there's much more to dig into here; drum breaks, organ drones, heavy riffs, and plenty of funk flow throughout the compilation. There's a fuzz filed garage sound that all ties it together while melodic boundaries are blurred as Israel, the Middle East, and contemporary Western influences are blended for a unique and funky experience. Eight tracks in all. Released by Fortuna Records on black vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with a sixteen page booklet.

It cannot get more obscure than this!

Cat. number: FTNLP003
Year: 2018

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