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Dar-As-Suhl Vol. 1

Label: Paradigm Discs

Format: CD

In stock

Dar-As-Sulh, Vol. 1 regroups four works by Kymatik, with environmental recordings (crickets, bees) acting as interludes. The best piece opens the set: 'Dentists for Mice' lies somewhere between sound collage, electroacoustics and techno. It gradually evolves as new sound channels replace old ones - work well done. More conceptual, 'Excerpt from Kandinsky's 'Im Blau'' has less to offer. Kandinsky's painting is interpreted in RGB values transposed into signal output. Each color is assigned a tonal range - interesting idea, inconclusive results.'Tisedni' is the oldest piece in this set (1993) and the only one produced in collaboration (with Mark Tamea). A spin dryer served as the sole sound source to create the weirdest 11 minutes of progressive techno ever recorded. 'Lorenz Attractor' is the most difficult work to listen to. Kymatik can argue that it sums up ten years of research in psychoacoustics and that it is based on Lorenz's mathematical system, the fact remains that for 23 minutes all you will hear is a succession of cumulating tones starting below the range of the human ear and ending above it - linear, static, and of very limited appeal. Luckily, this track comes last. (François Couture)
Cat. number: PD 15
Year: 2002

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