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VARIATIONS 2: A London compilation

Label: Paradigm Discs

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Second compilation from Paradigm exhibiting nine works by lesser-know avant-garde composers from in and around the City of London. Features wonderful electro-acoustic work from Akemi Ishijima, minimalism performed on a traditional Mongolian string instrument- the morin khuur- by Michael Ormiston and high-energy avant-garde electronics from Tom Wallace . An obscure composition by Hugh Davies is a highlight, offering a piece for tape machine and Aeolian Harp which stands out on the compilation as it does in his own catalog of electronic improvisation. Saxophonist John Grieve also plunges into electronic transformations of his tenor saxophone. Obscure elders of sonic poetry Bob Cobbing & Lawrence Upton exercise the larynx on a sputtering piece of vocal work while label curator and Morphogenesis member Clive Graham presents his solo debut in the form of an electronic collage. The final piece is a stunning work by one-time Stockhausen technician Rolf Gehlhaar who's electronic work is an expansive and sophisticated sound processing exercise that has to be hear to be believed. (Skip Jansen)
Cat. number: PD 05
Year: 1998

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