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Acid Mothers Temple

Dark Side Of The Black Moon: What Planet Are We On?

Label: Important Records

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Awesome double set packaged in a deluxe tip-on style jacket, pressed on virgin vinyl, & includes an exclusive bonus D-side track, Finding the mighty Acid Mothers Temple in progged-up mode, Dark Side Of The Black Moon gets underway with tentative strands of feedback and echo-obscured vocals, knitting the usual AMT psychedelic tapestry but dividing it into discreet sections during 'Space Labyrinth Or Eclipse On Friday', which toys around with various different rhythmic patterns (which is very prog) whilst staying within the wah-wah governed parameters of the Kawabata Makoto sonic domain. Two unusually concise tracks are up next: both the heavy-rocking 'Astro Karma Sutra: Take Me To The Outer Limits' and the bluesy acoustic jam 'Blessing Of The Load Galaxy' feel like unusually focused stretches of Acid Mothers magic, with soloing kept to an absolute minimum, but 'Space A Go Go' more than makes up for that, supplying an eight-minute muso freakout that doesn't let anything so trivial as a 'song' get in the way of an almighty jam. Finally, 'Dark Side Of The Black Moon' imposes something in the way of structure thanks to a more crystalline, cleaned up guitar sound that slowly unravels and unhinges into another almighty space-blues improv session.

Cat. number: imprec253LP
Year: 2010

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