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Henri Chopin

Revue OU (6xLp Box)

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: 6xLP Box

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1st edition, long out of print, legendary LP edition!! A hen’s teeth rare and long out of print set of historic recordings by Bernard Heidsieck, Brion Gysin, Henri Chopin, François Dufrêne, Mimmo Rotella, Raoul Hausmann, Paul de Vree, Gil J Wolman, Bob Cobbing, Ladislav Novak, Hugh Davies, Bengt Emil Johnson, Sten Hanson, Jacques Bekaert, J.A. da Silva, William Burroughs, Ake Hodell, Charles Amirkhanian and Arthur Rimbaud in a limited Collectors Vinyl Edition. The picture disc material was replicated in the CD reissue but the original vinyl box also contains an additional LP - featuring six previously unpublished sound poems by Henri Chopin from the OU period – which was only sold with the vinyl edition. Collectors.


Cat. number: plana-OU 15VocSon045
Year: 2007
Genre: Sound Art