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bryin dall

Deconstructing hank
€ 19.00
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bryin dall - Deconstructing hank

bryin dall

Deconstructing hank

€ 19.00

LABEL: Rotorelief
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. ROTOR0024 | YEAR. (2011)

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I wanted to share Hank with a world that was unfamiliar with him and unable to grasp the despair, hurt and loneliness that he lived, unable to absorb the words or the sentiment, unable to hear the words, “Like a piece of driftwood on the sea, may you never be alone like me”. I asked Derek Rush if he would be interested in doing Hank Williams songs with me, he put them in a minor key and arranged them while I re-interpreted the melody and sang the words of Hank Williams, adding my guitar sculpture.

I was contacted on my personal MySpace page by a biographer of Hank Williams. I was afraid he would be mortified by my versions, but I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote that I was the first person, since Hank originally recorded the songs, that captured the pain.

Rotorelief contacted me and asked to release these songs on vinyl.

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