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Jacques Lejeune

Pour Entrer Et Sortir d Un Conte - L'Eglise Oubliee

Label: INA - GRM

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Two musique-concrete episodes from a larger work entitled Les Contes de la forêt profonde (Tales from the Deep Forest) sparse entries, with an emphasis on sliding shepard tones & digitally mutating concrète textures
Pour entrer et sortir d'un conte (1990 - 21'05) the "entrance" is like passing through a maze. the elements are propelled by processes of repetition and recurrence and tend towards stagnation within a structure consisting of blocks set side by side and thick. compact, opaque masses. the "exit" narrrows the field of the spectrum; confining itself to the medium colours of the bell, it presents an unusual light, moves more freely, briskly enumerates a variety of figures containing sudden new developments, phases of stability, impulsions, while . gradually allowing organic and animal life, then human presence to appear.
l’Eglise Oubliie (1997 - 8'55) the contrasts and breaks in sound recurring in the dynamic tensions emphasise the dramatic aspect of the subject. such a climate is treated not only by mouvement but also by the gradual emergence of a story, cleverly worked out, with two or three anecdotes as points of reference. thus, l' eglise oubliee ("the forgotten church") may be taken as something archaic and primordial, which is to be felt in the very great restraint of the elements used, in the gradual dulling of the colours and the speeds .

Cat. number: INA e 5004
Year: 1997