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Label: Dekorder


Genre: Experimental

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Just before we started to miss Guido Möbius he surprises us with “Dishoek”, his second album, recorded for Hamburg’s Dekorder label. Again featuring a conglomeration of acoustic and electrical instruments (guitar, bass, violin, cornet drums, synthesizer, clarinet among other things.) and a variety of guests, so that one hardly dares to call it a solo album. Still everything is magically held together by one single person. Melodies and noises, styles and individual characteristics, intelligence and humour collide and become friends for live. We hear Krautrock minus Rock, Folk minus tronics, Pop minus popular; Psychedelia meets Improvisation meets Electronica without the slightest know-it-all approach. Styles get intermingled, copulate and finally dissolve completely to become only music without the need to be labelled because it is functioning completely within its own context and never fails to astonish. The computer remains a tool, never an end in itself and the alleged separation of acoustic and electronic music becomes completely obsolete. With its wily down-to-earth approach “Dishoek” proves that an eagerness to experiment and the will to explore unknown territories do not have to sound arduous yet always have the ability to gently surprise any adventurous listener.

Cat. number: Dekorder 013LP
Year: 2005

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