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The Hafler Trio


Label: Korm Plastics

Format: CD

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This is to be the definitive handling of the Hafler Trio legacy, completely approved and overseen by the Hafler Trio personally. 'Travel! It's the drug of the common man! why, it keeps the wheels of industry flowing to make sure that he has a home to come to, earned and paid for by his labours! why dont you, the rich, privileged, indulge in a journey that (trust me) money can't buy! and send a postcard to your friends! X marks the spot!' Originally released by Staalplaat as a cassette in 1986 then as a CD in 1990. Presented with all new luxury gatefold packaging, with opaque wrap and a nice wallet containing a book of maps.
Cat. number: p 23,7 s 81
Year: 2008