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The Hafler Trio

A House Waiting For Its Master

Label: Rossbin

Format: Vinyl 10”

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Recorded and otherwise applied to various surfaces and objects at the G*D facility, Reykjavík, during the glorious winter of 2002- 3, assisted by various woodland creatures and several nymphs. pract .dept. - a: Mxll, b: J. Jóhannsson, c: Bibbi published by Freibank. Unmitigated joy to them: his Hundleyness of Briandom, Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg, and with more tapping feet and folded arms, Thee Ditz, who is responsible for background material visible herein. and on, for that matter. Dedicated with love to Mr.Squeaky. may the first day be the worst of the rest to come. there shall be no forgetting. Ltd. edition 400 copies, 10" lp, black and silver cover with 4 sides booklets insert, transparent vynil.
Cat. number: Rslp001
Year: 2003