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_is an apparition

Label: Rossbin

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Nate Wooley: trumpet, voice. Steve Swell: trombone, voice. Tatsuya Nakatani: percussion._________ is an apparition. marks the first release for the New York based blue collar featuring Nate Wooley on trumpet, Steve Swell on trombone, and Tatsuya Nakatani on percussion. The group, informed equally by the free jazz tradition of the 60s in America and Europe and the lowercase reductionist innovations now revolutionizing improvised music, has found a way to deal with silence, sound, tension, and release in a natural and personal way. The three players are known for their undefinable voices in the American improvised scene, having worked with such disparate figures as Tim Berne, anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Bhob Rainey, Jack Wright, William Parker, Chris Speed, and Alessandro Bosetti. However, they work in a cohesive unit, creating improvisations that simultaneously create and destroy spatial and temporal considerations for the listener.
Cat. number: RS 016
Year: 2003

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