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Mike Cooper

Metal Box

Label: Rossbin

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Mike Cooper: For the past 40 has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer songwriter his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, collector of Hawaiian shirts and appears on more than 60 records to date. Recorded 2004 at The Steelworks in Rome apart from 'Standard De-Lux' which was recorded, reconstructed and mixed by Robin Schmidt in 2003 in Melbourne. This record is dedicated to the memory of John Fahey.
Cat. number: RS 020
Year: 2003

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