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missus beastly

Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles (Lp)
€ 23.90
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missus beastly - Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles (Lp)
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Kraut Cosmic

missus beastly

Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles (Lp)

€ 23.90

LABEL: Garden Of Delights
GENRE: Psych | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. LP 020 | YEAR. (2017)

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This was Missus Beastly's third studio album released in 1976. If you'll notice on the cover art they have the album's title as such as to look like it's the band's name, and the title of the album looks like it would be "For Missus Beastly". A trick by the band really so that they wouldn't have to release this album with Dieter Dierks and Venus Music to which their contract stipulated that they had to.They had had a falling out with Producer Dierks over the cover art of their last album and felt so strongly about it that they refused to work with him anymore. So they formed their own label called April which was later changed to Schneeball. That unwanted cover art from their last album wasn't the only injustice the band experienced as some copy cat band started releasing albums under the Missus Beastly name. The LP was recorded in the well-known Stuttgart Zuckerfabrik studio (a former sugar refinery). The reissue comes with 8-page insert in LP size.

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