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space guerilla - excerpt 1
File under: KrautJazz-Rock

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Missus Beastly

Spaceguerilla (Lp)

Label: Garden Of Delights

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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Instrumental jazz-rock, recorded perfectly in the Stuttgart sound studio Zuckerfabrik in April 1978. Its style resembles that of its predecessor, 'Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles', but with distinctive jazz-rock/Embryo alike touch. 'Space Guerilla' (originally out on Schneeball) was the fourth and last LP by Missus Beastly. All of the eight tracks were written by the band members themselves. The 24-page booklet in LP size contains a detailed band history in German and in English language, an accurate discography including cover and label reproductions, photographs, poster repros, etc. Thus, the series of LP re-releases of Missus Beastly material has practically been completed.

File under: KrautJazz-Rock
Cat. number: LP 040
Year: 2020

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