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Electronic Mind Waves

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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"Out of the mysterious mind of Andrea Centazzo came Elektriktus. Originally released on the PDU label in 1976, the LP Electronic Mind Waves offers a collection of eight synth-fueled songs that sound very close to what kraut/cosmische heads were doing at the time, think of Conrad Schnitzler, Deuter or Cosmic Jokers, and also other European experimentalists like Richard Pinhas' Heldon, Spacecraft, Didier Bocquet, Seesselberg, F.G. Experimental Laboratory, Roberto Cacciapaglia or Hydrus. Along with Cacciapaglia and Hydrus, Elektriktus shows the most adventurous experimental sounds under a kraut/cosmische music influence to ever come out of Italy. Centazzo was already a highly experienced musician when he produced this LP:  he had been the drummer on Giorgio Gasslini's Quartet, with whom he also recorded several LPs, and also on his own jazz band Ictus (actually the name Elektriktus came out of melting his electronic experiments with his former band's name). He's actually one of the key names from the Italian improv/free-jazz scene and the driving force behind the ICTUS label. Strongly recommended to fans of minimal electronic music, kosmische sounds and ambient soundscapes. The Wah Wah reissue comes in an exact repro of its original sleeve and features an insert with information and photos. Strictly limited to only 500 copies."

Cat. number: LPS 101LP
Year: 2011

Limited to 500 copies

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