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Entangled Visions - Standard Edition (Tape)

Label: Entangled Visions

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Entangled Visions is the inaugural release of the homonym just-born Experimental Electronics label, based in Italy. Eight moments from eight different artists united by the same goals: disorientation and alienation through sound research and experimentalism.

Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci introduces the release with "Prima del Mare", immediately marking the concept of this work. Deconstructed rythms and Lanark Artefax-like synthesis are presented by the German producer Shō, the storm after the mystified modular prologue. The third track marks the first apparition of Xpedient, the new side project of Holy Similaun. Post-digital ambient, deep synths and a huge work on the low frequencies which characterized the artist's previous releases. The prosecution to the compilation is left to Ankubu. Withered kicks, gloomy rythms and dismal voices are the main ingredients of this track, ending the first side of the cassette.

Side B starts with "Emotional Tears pt. I", a contemplative and minimal moment by Presente. Somewhere between Hiroshi Yoshimura's textures and screamo onsets. Then we loose again the sense of direction with Coeden's "White Gauna" (fans of Tsutomu Nihei will probably shake their heads), an obscure journey surrounded by industrial ambiences and feedbacks, giving way to Gabsphere's "SilIent Observer". The Italian techno producer appears on Entangled Visions with a courtly ambient piece, soundtrack of Noa Merlini's work "Pass Over", presented at the Art Gallery of Helsinki. The release's epilogue is left to Lessons in Hate, Entangled Vision's founder. Andrei Tarkovskij-inspired vein, majestic synthesis and blurred melodies, ending the compilation with a soft but introspective moment.

The release comes in two editions: a special hand-numbered 'Presentation Edition' limited to 30 copies (with folding page) and a 'Standard Cassette Edition'.

Cat. number: EV001
Year: 2020

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