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Alan Licht, Aki Onda


Label: Family Vineyard

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Debut collaboration of New York artists and long-time duo partners Alan Licht and Aki Onda, whose combined history connects artists straddling the pop and experimental worlds, including Fennesz, Loren Connors, Takemura Nobukazu, Lee Ranaldo, and Toriko Nujiko. In the past decade their montage-inspired solo work - Licht's permutational guitar and tape pieces on Rabbi Sky and A New York Minute, Onda's field recording recontextualizations on Bon Voyage! and Ancient & Modern - has co-existed with their experimental sound-visual projects Text of Light (Licht) and Cinemage (Onda). 'Everydays' is five grandly formed soundscapes that mix Onda's poetic-textural cassette sounds and the rhythmic-lyrical pull of Licht's guitar. Morphing from recognizable structures to dissonant hammered chunks and rapid cut-ups, the album perfectly weaves their signature applications of sound diaries, minimalism, grainy fidelity, looping and free blues into a dynamic and ambitious statement

Cat. number: fv 058 cd
Year: 2008

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