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File under: Sound installation

Aki Onda

A Letter from Souls of The Dead (Book + 7" flexi)

Label: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Format: Book + 7"

Genre: Sound Art

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The soundtrack for Aki Onda's the first major solo exhibition "A Letter from Souls of The Dead" at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) from July 10 – September 4, 2021. Commissioned by PICA and curated by Kristan Kennedy, Artistic Director and Curator of Visual Art, this exhibition will feature collections of found objects such as bells, surplus electronics, photographs, and old-fashioned slide projections.

The soundtrack for this exhibition was composed by Onda in collaboration with New Yorked-based vocalist Charmaine Lee and New Haven-based musician Zach Rowden

File under: Sound installation
Cat. number: ---
Year: 2021