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Maciunas Ensemble

Music For Everyman 861

Label: Het Apollohuis

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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**Very rare original 1986 LP masterpiece, few copies available** Named in tribute to Fluxus-founder George Maciunas, this Ensemble (Paul Panhuysen and three others) cross disciplines (art, music and science) with ease. As the title of their record, Music For Everyman suggests, they attempt not just to document their own music but to inspire the D.I.Y. spirit in others. There's a clear debt to minimalist music, with an interest in layered drones and the exploration of harmonics. A Wide, White World, the 20min long B side, for three guitars (Motor On Eko Guitar!), matches Tony Conrad for its sheer abrasiveness and ability to evoke overtones. Awesome!



Cat. number: AR 028605 lp
Year: 1986
Produced, composed, performed and recorded at Het Apollohuis Eindhoven.