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File under: Sound installation

Akio Suzuki

Soundsphere (Book + Cd)

Label: Het Apollohuis

Format: CD+Book

Genre: Sound Art

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**Rare original, few copies available** Soundsphere, Akio Suzuki‘s acclaimed masterpiece, was meant by Paul Panhuysen, director of Het Apollohuis, as an introduction to his sound work, with a book detailing various instruments Suzuki created, as well as diagrams and documentation on previous performances from the 1970s and 1980s. It was conceived during an artist-in-residence time Suzuki spent at Het Apollohuis. The 36-pages booklet edition came in an oversized cardboard box and was limited to 1,000 copies. The disc focuses on 2 instruments only: the De Koolmees, and the Analapos, a long spring attached to a pair of cylinders, played either by plucking the string or singing through a cylinder. As customary with Suzuki, all sounds are out of this world, hardly ever sounding like man-made music at all. On track #1, Suzuki uses 2 of his glass instruments at the same time, making various use of them: rubbing or percussion, or a combination of both. The whole disc is extraordinary. (Continuo weblog)

Akio Suzuki (b. 1941, Japan) is internationally acclaimed as a pioneer of sound art yet the breadth of his practice traverses the normal boundaries of this genre to include sculpture, installation and performance art

File under: Sound installation
Cat. number: ACD079008
Year: 1990

Features two instruments created by Akio Suzuki in 1970: an echo instrument called the Analapos (tracks 2-4 composed 1970-73) and his version of a Glass Harmonica (track 1 composed 1973) used in the installation piece Space in the sun.
Packaged in a 36-page book (ISBN 90-71638-10-3) printed by De Longte (Dordrecht, The Netherlands).