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Label: Important Records

Format: CDx2

Genre: Rock

Out of stock

Essential collection of previously vinyl only Nadja tracks which work brilliantly as a 2CD album. All of these tracks originally appeared on limited vinyl or cd releases between 2007 and 2009 and are now out of print. 'Jornada del Muerto' originally appeared on the Trinity CD (Die Stadt Musik) and 'Perichoresis' on the Trinitarian LP (Important Records), both of which releases featured solo tracks by Aidan and Leah and one Nadja track. 'Spahn' appeared on Tumpisa (Accident Prone Records), a split LP with the American band 5/5/2000, and 'Kriplyana' (Melted & Refrozen Snow That Looks Blue In Early Morning) appeared on the Magma To Ice CD (Fario Records), a split with the Italian artist Netherworld. The two remixes of 'Automsomal' were released on the LP version of Bodycage (Equation Records) and Kitsune (Fox Drone) appeared on a split CD/LP (Denovali Records) with the German band Kodiak. 'Clinging To The Edge Of The Sky' (Vendetta/Adagio830 Records) was released as a single-sided 12
Cat. number: IMPREC 298
Year: 2012

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