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Label: Important Records

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Rock

Out of stock

"Limited to 1000 copies. Double LP packaged in a gatefold LP jacket. Designed by Seldon Hunt. Bonus D side of James Plotkin's exclusive 'ThaumoRemix.' and bonus live CD." "One single 62 minute long track, bass, guitar and drum machine, all woven into a slowly undulating soundscape of blissy drone and monstrous pummel...It's like some Frankensteinian collage of Godflesh, Jesu, Sunn O))) and old Swans. It's heavy and bleak and doomy, but like Jesu, the sound is imbued with a strange warmth, and emotional mystery, that makes this much more than an exercise in guitardrone. And the sound is not static, it wavers and shifts, the melody subtly changing shape, all without the rhythm ever wavering....Like Merzbow filtered through M83 and played by Philip Jeck, a glorious blast of spectral majesty, radiant and absolutely breathtaking." -- Aquarius Records

Cat. number: imprec273lp
Year: 2006

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