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Label: Utech Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Trembled has returned, triumphantly. Released by Utech Records (046) in the summer of 2006 on limited cdr. The principal live recordings from Toronto have been remixed-remastered and include a rare performance of Swans 'No Cure for the Lonely'. The core of the release, though, is 'Tremble', a cascading improvisation of drift and atmospherics revealed to audiences on an occasional basis. The track is telling of the fluidity with which Nadja create and why the band has become so highly regarded. 'Breakpoint' and 'Corrasion' complete the set. Exclusive material has been added in 'Stays Demons' and a second version of 'Tremble' recorded by Scott Slimm in Philadelphia. Illustration by Justin Bartlett. The ultimate document of Nadja at their most electric and empyreal
Cat. number: URCD024
Year: 2008

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