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Dark Places

Label: Utech Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Certain places are more horrifying than others, closer to the source of primordial terror, be it the netherworld, the glacial outerspace of Lovecraftian ancient evil or simply the subconscious. Such places are sources of myth and awe. For their second album, Owwl tapped into these sources. Dark Places channels the world's sinister sites. The results are minimally shifting walls of drone, oppressive and entrancing like stars in a forlorn place or the historic pitfall of ground drenched with a thousands' blood. Subliminally pounding and sparkling with overtones the ancient harmonium and processed guitar feedback condense to the point that both instruments blend together. With their unedited and improvised recordings Owwl turn sound into space. Art by Alexander Toulas.'
Cat. number: URCD067
Year: 2012
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