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Best of 2016
Best of 2016

Suzuki Junzo

If I Die Before I Wake

Label: Utech Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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After three years Suzuki Junzo returns to Utech Records with If I Die Before I Wake, his fourth full-length release for the label. Junzo is joined by Ikuro Takahashi of LSD March, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha and High Rise. If I Die is a record comprised of roaring space blues and empyrean haze. Nothing less than imposing and exquisite, If I Die is conceivably Suzuki Junzo’s greatest recorded work.


Released initially on cassette, the expanded vinyl adds one unreleased track and offers the two live recordings from the B side of the tape as digital bonus tracks.

Utech Records offers If I Die Before I Wake as the label’s one hundredth official release. Accordingly, the first 100 copies of the LP will be on cream vinyl with the remaining 200 copies on transparent green vinyl. The first 100 records will also contain a numbered print with exclusive art by Konstantinos Psichas.


Cat. number: URLP100
Year: 2016

LP limited to 300 copies. Packaged in a heavy offset sleeve with obi.
Edition of 100 cream and 200 transparent green.