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Adrian ANIOL

It All Falls Apart

Label: Utech Records

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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The debut release from Polish composer Adrian Aniol, It All Falls Apart, is a slow, fog-enshrouded journey upriver into the mouth of madness. Slow, frigid waves of sound seep in from the misty distance.  White noise clashes with subsonic percussive crashes piling on the unease and tension that builds to an appropriately lunatic conclusion. The B-side features a remix of the entire piece by Steven Hess (Locrian, Ural Umbo). No computers were used on the remix. The piece was literally done by hand, using cd Walkman, desktop cassette player, phone taping microphone, looper/sampler with three altered loops, drums, and a cinder block with contact mic. Black cassette.
Cat. number: URCS065
Year: 2011

Copyright MMXI Adrian Anioł and Utech Records.

This is a coda for Arrhythmia.