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Pantufa Alcalina - Excerpt

Oba Loba

Pantufa Alcalina (LP)

Label: Silent Water

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**250 copies, one-time press** "Pantufa Alcalina" is the third LP of Oba Loba, the six piece band created by Norberto Lobo and João Lobo in 2014. This is the third collaboration (this time in exclusivity) with record label Silent Water and yet another gem of unclassifiable songs. Alongside the two Lobo's compositions, this album also features one title by keyboard wizard Giovanni Di Domenico and another by the refined reed player Jordi Grognard. The magic of Ananta Roosens's violin and trumpet and the unique voice of Lynn Cassiers complete the line-up of Oba Loba, unchanged since the first record.

Cat. number: SW018
Year: 2020