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Eggstream EP

Label: Silent Water

Format: CDx3

Genre: Experimental

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Eggstream is Pak Yan Lau, Norberto Lobo and Giovanni Di Domenico. Brussels-based João Lobo (1981) represents a new generation of jazz musicians and throughout his career he played with international top figures, namely Roswell Rudd, Julian Arguelles, Chris Corsano, Akira Sakata, Nate Wooley, Scott Fields, Fred Lomberg-Holm, and many others. In Portugal Lobo has collaborated with Carlos Bica, the late Bernardo Sassetti, Mário Laginha, Carlos Barretto, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Júlio Resende and Susana Santos Silva, among others. Lobo’s most frequent colaborations are with trumpeter Enrico Rava, pianist Giovanni Di Domenico and Portuguese guitar player Norberto Lobo.

Pak Yan Lau is part of the new Brussels underground crowd. Her music covers different spheres with improv- isation and sound as main focus. She skillfully concocts the extraordinary out of the ordinary, by creating sound patterns in a minimal, poetic way, while exploring the vast array of sonar possibilities.

Cat. number: SW004
Year: 2016