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Best of 2020
Reflection Is Circular - excerpt 1
Reflection Is Circular - excerpt 2
Reflection Is Circular - excerpt 3
Reflection Is Circular - excerpt 4
Best of 2020

Giovanni Di Domenico, Aufheben

Reflection Is Circular (Lp)

Label: Silent Water

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Edition of 200. Killer. A shadow-strafing suite of spidery rhythms and inquisitive jazz gestures, effortlessly binding avant instrumental dexterity with spacey feeling in a timeless style that could feasibly be dated to any point between the mid ‘70s heyday of jazz-fusion. Especially highly recommended if yr into Miles Davis 'Big Fun'.
In 2017 Giovanni di Domenico released an album with a big band (at least for my standards) of 12 musicians, the band was called Abschattungen and the album «The Ear Cannot Be Filled With Hearing ». Abschattungen in german means « shadowing » , or »shading » . To adumbrate. Aufheben, always in German, means « to keep » (material things) and « to abolish » (immaterial ones). It also means « to raise ». And « to reduce ». These 2 terms are the base of Di Domenico research on german phylosophy and abstract funk, mixing/finding threads in between these 2 « concepts » is one of my recent obsessions. « Reflection Is Circular » is the ideal continuation of « The Ear Cannot.... », being Aufheben the « reduced » version of Abschattungen. It comes as an LP, 200 copies limited edition on Silent Water and Mr Nakayasi."

Giotis Damianidis: el. guitar (L) 
Manuel Mota: el. guitar (R) 
Laurens Smet: el. bass (freak) 
Axel Gilain: el. bass (groove) 
Mathieu Calleja: drums 
Giovanni Di Domenico: fender rhodes, synths, electronics 
Kostas Benìs: vocals on "Aphasia"
Cat. number: SW018
Year: 2020

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