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Experimental Bliss - excerpt 1
Experimental Bliss - excerpt 2
Experimental Bliss - excerpt 3


Experimental Bliss

Label: Umor Rex

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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Tip! **100 copies** Matthewdavid is a co-founder of the Los Angeles label Leaving Records, and a collaborator of Flying Lotus, Sun Araw, Julia Holter, Laraaji, Odd Nosdam, among others. Experimental Bliss is his first album on Umor Rex, two long pieces devoted to the bliss of experimental music creation. This is unconventional music, aiming to assist the listener in attaining a state of bliss or relaxation. It incorporates obvious artifacts of compressed noise and texture with harmonic tonal elements. The creative process is always evolving and changing, often relying on digital music software and hardware technology to process and re-sample collected 'organic' sounds from analog or environmental sources.

Side A, Lo-fi Bliss Music, was recorded and performed live at the Leaving Records modern new age night event, using dynamic compression experiments with a processed and looped Critter & Guitari pocket piano, and ocean sounds samples from a cassette. Dynamic Rhythmicals was recorded live at home, using digital marimba samples.

Cat. number: UR125CS
Year: 2020

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