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File under: Electroacoustic

Antonio Della Marina


Label: I Dischi di Angelica

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This debut album shows that Antonio Della Marina's many years of exploration and investigation have paid off. Each sound seems to have been put in the right spot. The music breaths an overall calmness, as if the external world has no influence. And this ambient music in a complete state of balance. Peaceful and sophicticated, this ist he perfect sound to let go of all stress and worries.
The piece lasts one hour and is a beautiful sine wave like piece along the lines of 'Music On A Long Thin Wire' by Alvin Lucier. Sounds move slowly around, fading in and fading out, reappearing every now and then. Unlike Lucier, whose pieces can be menacing at times, Della Marina plays everything with a much softer touch, more gentle. The piece itself is not really recorded very loud, but it's best to play it at a moderate volume, so that it fills your environment. If you move through your own environment you will notice small changes in the pitch. Like you are playing the piece too. That is simply a great effort. Beautiful and relaxing work.

File under: Electroacoustic
Cat. number: ida 22
Year: 2006