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    Far West

    Label: Important Records

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    On "Far West," the Master Musicians of Bukkake mark a turn from their Totem Trilogy. If the Totems were an expression of yang energy, then the "Far West" cycle is the yin that took seed within the trilogy. What happens when you travel so far east looking for enlightenment that you pass your destination and are headed west again? The mania of being lost in the mountains of the Cascade Corridor, searching aimlessly for the Northern Pacific coast. A spiritual Donner party of sorts, feeding off fantasy and mirages and imaginary shamans. "Far West" is the soundtrack to this expedition to the caves of light we all travel into with hopes of acquiring redemption, only to realize our bodies have dissolved—gone like rain from the sky, snow from the ground, thoughts from the mind. The sound of "Far West" is a progressive folk record inspired by Paul Giovanni's Wicker Man soundtrack, early Canterbury prog folk, the suspenseful soundtracks of Goblin and Ennio Morricone, Gerry Goldsmith's interwoven dark orchestrations, and Pacific Northwest folk rock. The Master Musicians of Bukkake take an earthly and shamanistic approach to these influences and infuse it with Krautrock pulses interweaved with acoustic guitars, intricately layered rhythms, hazed-out modular analog synths, brassy stabs, and cultish choirs. A true psychedelic, audiophile experience to dissolve your body in.

    "Far West" also features backing vocals by Sub Pop! recording artists Rose Windows,
    a deluxe cover illustration by Simon Fowler, and the amazing photography of Alison Scarpulla.

    "Far West" was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn. Produced by Randall Dunn and Master Musicians of Bukkake.
    Mastered at Chicago Mastering by Jason Ward.
    Photos by Alison Scarpulla. Cover illustration and layout by Simon Fowler. Art direction Randall Dunn

    Cat. number: IMPREC386
    Year: 2013
    Genre: Rock

    Master Musicians of Bukkake is:
    David Abramson: percussion, drums, tef, shaman shakers, green fog
    B.R.A.D: percussion, vocals, candles, sights unseen
    Don McGreevy: percussion, drums, 12 string electric and acoustic guitar, mellotron, bass, brass arrangements
    Randall Dunn: korg analog synths, mellotron, divining rod, water seeking foolishness
    Milky: electric and acoustic guitar, synths, vocals, mossy fuzz
    Timm Mason: electric guitar, serge modular synth, electric bass, insects

    Additional "Far West " Congregation and guests:
    Samantha Boshnak: trumpet, flugelhorn
    Naomi Siegal: trombone
    White Mountian Voices: Nils Petterson, Rabia Quazi, Richie Rico
    Keith Lowe: contra bass
    Craig Flory: baritone and tenor saxophone

    Lyrics and music for "Circular Ruins" based on The Jorge Louis Borges story of the same title.

    "Like snow from the ground
    leaves from the trees
    rain from the sky
    dew from the grass
    and thoughts from the mind
    So to shall you disappear..." (Zen poem , unknown author)