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Expo 70

Filer A L'Anglaise

Label: Deep Distance


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Next up on Deep Distance following a full sold out back catalogue thus far (Kosmonaut / JD Emmanuel / Kohn etc) is the long promised mighty new EXPO 70 full length. Released as a pressing of 500 only on mauve, red and black splatter wax with embossed DD insert.
The LP features 3 extended jams from the latter days of the working relationship between mainman Justin Wright and Matt Hill (prior to his wonderful recordings under the ‘Umberto’ moniker). Recently unearthed by Justin specifically for this vinyl release (although watch out for an extended version for cassette only later) the set starts with the wonderful zoned out pulse of “Acerbic Lament” interspersed by JW’s piercing guitar tones and textures. 
“Winter of Discontent” is more organic, otherworldly and in places reminiscent of some of the early Popol Vuh catalogue. The reverse features the epic sidelong “Ceremony of the Blind”; constituting 3 parts and to these ears represents one of the finest sides to the huge Expo 70 catalogue. A compelling cosmic soundscape punctuated by evolving waves of carefully constructed synth and guitar drone with flurries of percussive pulse, particularly on the closing section “Eternal The Night”. 
Another essential addition to the ever growing Expo 70 collection- a one off pressing on gorgeous coloured wax with 2 inserts in awesome JW designed sleeve, expected to sell out quickly.

Cat. number: DD06
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic
File under: Cosmic

Tracks improvised. Recorded by Justin Wright 2008 - 2011.
Comes with 2 inserts - 1 illustration, embossed with Deep Distance logo, and a postcard listing all Deep Distance releases so far and some future releases.
Pressing of 500 on black spattered purple vinyl.

Limited edition.