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    EXPO 70

    Where Does Your Mind Go?

    Label: IMMUNE

    Format: Vinyl LPx2

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    **1st pressing limited to 500 copies, pressed at RTI. Includes mp3 download coupon redeemable directly from the label** An utterly absorbing and time-dilating double LP of masterful synth music from one of the scene's most prolific and respected sons, Expo 70 aka Justin Wright, together with Matt Hill - who recently dropped that brilliant Umberto album on Not Not Fun. Aiming a few notches above the reams of DIY tape spools, 'Where Does Your Mind Go?' was recorded professionally at the studio of Jason Meagher (No Neck Blues Band) in upstate New York over the course of one evening and features production values worthy of the D&M vinyl cut and full-colour, tip-on gatefold sleeve. The four tracks total 74 minutes of the most delicious drone and intangibly hazy harmonics, occasionally punctuated with burbling machine rhythms and steered with a deeply assured set of cosmic instincts. The scale of 'Where does your mind go?' is just epic, each track as majestic and cinematic as the last. The opener 'Close Your Eyes And Effortlessly Drift Away' sails out on gently bobbing drum machine and cirrus strands of Göttsching-esque guitar, like the soundtrack to Martian Balearic beach holiday where the atmosphere is as dusty red-brown as the hues of his arcing synths. 'Night Dusting The Atmosphere' is more sci-fi cinematic, full of sustained string-filled trepidation and encroaching arpeggiations arranged with the overarching vision of a Klaus Schulze classic. 'Transgressing Outward Which Is Inward' is probably the most stirring, passionate piece largely due to the darkly romantic keys which fall somewhere between the wanderings of Roedelius and Terry Riley and in harmony with towering forcefields of vintage analogue synthesizer tones. 'Ancient Hawk Soul Takes Flight' is the transgressive and psychedelic closer, lost deep in a black hole of tonal blurs and still-but-moving drones. We couldn't really recommend this any higher to fans of Imaginary Softwoods, Arp, Oneohtrix Point Never's most untethered moments, or taking lots of drugs by yourself and lying down between two massive speakers. (Boomkat)
    Cat. number: immune011lp
    Year: 2010
    Genre: Electronic