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Tiago Sousa

Walden Pond's Monk

Label: Immune

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The first ‘proper’ widely-available album from Portugese composer and pianist Tiago Sousa, ‘Walden Pond’s Monk’ balances itself on the idealism and revolutionary spirit of Henry David Thoreau. While this might be initially hard to hear in an album of mostly solo piano, as the songs seep into the soul it becomes easier and easier to decode Sousa’s messages. There is a mourning, but hopefulness to these compositions, and in contrast to solo piano records from Gonzales or Goldmund it feels like an intensely somber affair. I could almost imagine this album dropping on the ECM label, the quality is so high, so it’s hardly surprising that Sousa is so well regarded in the modern classical scene. As we go deeper into the record, outside influences and drones are brought into the fold and we descend into a harrowing darkness. A bewitching, beautiful album that comes highly recommended to followers of solo piano and modern classical music. (Boomkat)

File under: Array
Cat. number: IMMUNE 016
Year: 2011

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