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Toshi Ichiyanagi

Drip Music. Obscure Tape Music of Japan vol. 9

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: CD

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This is volume 9 in Omega Point's Obscure Tape Music of Japan series. Yoji Kuri is one of the foremost and highly-regarded experimental animation artists in Japan, active since the early '60s. His name is well-known not only for his many works of "black humor" throughout the '60s and 70's, but also for the soundtracks to his materials, composed by avant-garde composers. Originally titled Synthesized Piano Space, it has been renamed Drip Music for this release. This new edition is combined with Toshi Ichiyanagi's unpublished tape work from 1974 (lost at Kuri's studio for the past 30 years) with 53 pieces of Kuri's newly-inked, fantastic manga work inspired by the sound. Contains newly-written liner notes in Japanese and English, housed in a specially-designed cardboard paper sleeve in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Cat. number: OPA-009
Year: 2008

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