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Radio Ensembles Aiida - excerpt 1
Radio Ensembles Aiida - excerpt 2
Radio Ensembles Aiida - excerpt 3
Radio Ensembles Aiida - excerpt 4

Radio ensembles Aiida

Installation Sounds (CD)

Label: VLZ Produkt

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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The first collection of works by solo artist "Radio ensembles Aiida" by female artist A. Mizuki has been completed, performing a performance using multiple BCL radios. As recorded in the title "IIn A Room (Radio of the Day #1)", all the recordings were done in her room. An everyday ensemble called Diary, which captures everything from the morning bird cries, to the rain, to the last train, to the electromagnetic waves emitted by PCs and various appliances, etc., which surround her every day. The hard and simple beats and electromagnetic sound produced by the current control of the relay switches are reminiscent of the Pan-Sonic, Alva Noto, and glitch noises presented by the Mego group, who once swept the 90's.
Cat. number: VLZ00047-CD
Year: 2019