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The Ring Of The Rise (excerpt)


The Ring of the Rise

Label: Immune

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

In stock


Smaldone's latest on Immune features much full band accompaniment, exploring sonic reaches of early '70s era Neil Young, or Richard and Linda Thompson's first albums, with electric guitars and homemade tube amplifiers, as well as Micah's familiar acoustic finger-stylings. The Ring of the Rise continues Micah's relentless efforts to mine future truths from the past, this time hauling out a slab of marble spanning the 1950s through the 1970s, veined with slapback echoes, plate reverbs, tube equipment, and hefty old American iron. The sounds are both new and familiar, tugging at a collective consciousness particular to our era, where the past clamours for reconciliation with the future."

Cat. number: IMMUNE 030LP
Year: 2013

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