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    TAPE & Bill WELLS


    Label: IMMUNE

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    I began writing about this Tape & Bill Wells 'Fugue' record yesterday but I gave up as the words just were not coming to me. I guess that's probably a good sign though as I was just kind of getting into the melancholy zone of the record, which certainly is a thing of beauty. Wells' guitar playing is delicate and magical. The Tape guys really give him space to do his thing adding wonderful little details and twinkles into the mix. This quite simply is the prettiest, most charming record I have heard this week. Bill Wells' melodica on 'Fugue 2' is pure goosebump stuff that'll have the hardest man in the pub weeping tears into his pint. Wondrous soul stirring music that has my highest recommendation. Andreas and Johan Berthling (Tape) are also especially gifted artists and I'm fairly sure that those of you that were touched by their excellent 'Luminarium' record will agree and also appreciate the vibes here. Out on Chicago's Immune label.
    Cat. number: immune008lp
    Year: 2010