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Fluence - excerpt 1
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Fluence (LP)

Label: États-Unis

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock


Fluence is the brainchild and first release of sound artist / provocateur Pascal Comelade. Recorded in Montpellier, France in 1974-1975, the project consists of exploratory electronic pieces in the Fripp & Eno vernacular with a Kosmische tinge. 'A Few Reasons To Stay / A Few Reasons To Split,' a title inspired by Swiss conceptual artist Urs Lüthi, features Comelade's kaleidoscopic arpeggios and Richard Pinhas' howling guitar, which variously resembles a dreamlike cello and ghostly human moans. 'Barcelona Tango's' off-kilter exotica with pocket trumpet and looping drum beats foreshadows Comelade's later work, which would create a stir in some avant-garde circles for his use of unorthodox instruments (plastic saxophone, toy piano, etc.) On the side-long 'Schizo,' Comelade's electric organ with probing, Terry Riley-esque swooshes collides with Gabriel Ibanez's thick, reedy buzz -- together forming a truly magical soundscape. These incendiary performances ably join the ranks of other dreamily cosmic, impressionistic guitar-and-synth masterworks like No Pussyfooting and The Serpent (In Quicksilver) as well as Conny Veit's work with Popol Vuh. Originally released in 1975, Fluence offers a remarkable emotional and textural range -- richly experimental and deeply progressive -- that sounds at once timeless and strikingly contemporary.

This first-time standalone reissue is limited to 750 numbered copies.

Cat. number: Etat 14
Year: 2019

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