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Jonas Reinhardt

Foam Fangs

Label: 100% SILK

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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West Coast synth guru Jonas Reinhardt (aka Jesse Reiner) makes his 100% Silk debut with 'Foam Fangs', which sees the usually downtempo producer pushing things up a couple of notches. The cosmic Jarre-esque synthesizer washes are still present, but are bolstered with chest-punching 4/4 rhythms and rubbery looping sequences straight out of the 1987 house rulebook. Somehow this gives the EP the glow of Detroit-era pioneer Juan Atkins and muddles it with the Italo-laced fuzz of Johnny Jewel. It works too, and while there's a distinct retro flare to the entire record, Reinhardt's passion and heart elevates the tracks far beyond any of his contemporaries in the field, giving a lasting neon tang to the sounds. Polished off with a widescreen remix from Beat Broker 'Foam Fangs' is another heavy hitter from the 100% Silk label, and one that should even drag naysayers into the fold. C'mon - lighten up, it's summer after all. Recommended.

Cat. number: SILK029
Year: 2012

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