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Jonas Reinhardt


Label: Constellation Tatsu

Format: LP + DVD

Genre: Electronic

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Inspired in equal measure by the throbbing urbanity of coastal cities, continental European art-rock experimentation, left-ï¬Ã‚eld techno, and the freewheeling punk aesthetic of contemporary home studio recording, Jonas Reinhardt’s music transcends its inï¬Ã‚‚uences to bring into being a work that’s wholly new while referencing a celebrated aesthetic of the past. Jonas Reinhardt's 'Ganymede' is an experimental science ï¬Ã‚ction ï¬Ã‚lm set on the solar system's largest moon. On Ganymede, it is thought that volcanic vents supply the necessary power to fuel life. This ï¬Ã‚lm imagines unknown extra-terrestrial life forms engaged in ritualistic aquatic dance beneath a sky of ice. The resulting way of life is depicted as ï¬Ã‚‚uctuating pulses of energy abstracted beyond conventional consciousness. The soundtrack LP contains 6 tracks from the ï¬Ã‚lm. Each reï¬Ã‚‚ects the immersive sonic environment through textural, rhythmic abstraction. Using a battery of synthesizers and repeating patterns, Jonas Reinhardt delves into the chaotic unknown seeking transcendence and achieving a spiritual 'other' deï¬Ã‚ned by ecstatic reverie.

Cat. number: CTATSU 002
Year: 2014

Limited Edition Of 300 - Includes 12" x 24" Poster & Full-Length Film On DVD